Sheep Herding is just a small part of the Basque.

They were also great boat builders and Whalers.

For a great history of Idaho Basque

You need to stop by the Boise culture center.

and pick up the book An Enduring Legacy

by John Bieter & Mark Bieter

An Enduring Legacy is the story of Basque in Idaho

The Basque Center and Museum

Located in Boise Idaho.

There you will find out who are the Basque and how did they get to Idaho.

The Center has Events and dinners.

Check out these two web sites for Details.

The Basques left their marks in Idaho.

by tree carvings

There colorful costumes and beautiful dance is one you must see.

Basque from all over even from Spain come to

Biggest Basque gathering

Jaialdi in 2025

Original Basque Sheep Wagon Photos

The following Photos are be shared by Many Basques Sharing their Wagons.

International Performers


Jaialdi was originally supposed to be a one-time-only event.

But successes have a way of building upon themselves, and Jaialdi 2025 marks our eighth International Basque Festival.


Join us July 29 - August 3, 2025

Mark your calendars for the next Jaialdi: July 26-31, 2022.