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By Lew Lewandowski on 08/26/2015

Handmade Idaho Sheep Wagons 

written by Tiny House Living


Booklet written on Johnny Jones and Pioneer

Families in Hagerman Id written June 29, 2013

Shepherd's' Huts & Living Vans

by David Morris UK 2013

On Sept 11th, 2011, Article written in Idaho Magazine by R. Angela Zecca Title

The Passion's the Thing

In May KTRV CH 12 (FOX)

News did a story that aired 5/6/2010.

The Idaho Statesman News Paper wrote a story on

Idaho Sheep Camp on

July 30th, 2010

Sheep wagons bring memories to life written by Bethamn Stewart

 Wyoming Livestock Round Up

Volume 26 number 26 Nov 1st, 2014

Women preserve sheep history.

Front page and page 10

Sheep wagons as classic campervan:

the Airstream of pioneers 

Written by Kristen Dirksen

This is awesome video done.


You Live in What?" as featured on HGTV.

Sheep Wagons premiered.

On May 26, 2013, 9:00 PM HGTV Season 2 episode #7

Aol written story on Sheepherder wagon community exists in Idaho 7/22/2013 sheepherder wagon community.

Tiny House also done story Title.

vardo-sheepherders community in Idaho by Kent Griswold

August 1st, 2013

You can also see us in

Irregular Shelters 

5 Cool Camping Options blog.

under search type in 5 cool camping, we are no. 4. 

Sheep Wagons Rustic converted into mobile living spaces.

put in both tree hugger and inhabit living.

written 8/25/2011.

  • We been features in Idaho-Wyoming News Papers-Tiny Houses-Hgtv-Idaho Magazine

  • Shepherds' huts & Living Vans book in UK & many articles on web

New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum

This Sheep Wagon was purchased.

By New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum

Located in Las Cruces NM on 6/9/2010.

We're excited about having one of our Traditional Style

Sheep Wagons in the Museum